Welcome to Rocket Storage Harrogate

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Rocket Storage Terms

  1. All terms apply to you the customer and any persons/agents that you elect on your behalf.
  2. Access to the facility is available during our normal office hours, which are 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. These are our minimum opening hours but we are often open extended hours. All other reasonable times are available with reasonable notice and agreement via our office.
  3. Rocket Storage agrees to keep the facility safe and secure with appropriate fire alarms, intruder alarm with police response and CCTV.
  4. You must provide Rocket Storage with photo ID. Identification will be required. If you are another person or agent then Rocket Storage must be notified prior to their arrival. They will be asked to provide ID. You must report to reception before you leave the facility. Padlocks will be supplied by Rocket Storage or you can supply your own.
  5. Rocket Storage reserves the right to inspect the units at any time for the benefit of both parties.
  6. You are responsible for providing contents insurance for your goods. This can either be through your house contents insurance or via INSURASTORE which can be done in our office over the internet. Rocket Storage accepts no responsibility for uninsured goods.
  7. We reserve the right to move your items to an alternative unit in the unlikely event of flood or fire.
  8. Rocket Storage does not charge a deposit but all fees must be paid in advance.
  9. You must pay all due fees in advance according to the agreed payment intervals, either weekly, every 4 weeks or by calendar month. You must contact us to make these payments. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, Bacs or card.
  10. Any over payment will be refunded to you on the termination of the agreement.
  11. All outstanding charges must be paid with cleared funds before your goods are removed from the premises. No exceptions.
  12. In the event of your payments becoming 8 weeks overdue, Rocket Storage has the right to seize the stored goods and dispose of them in any manner we choose. The sale of goods will be credited against your debt but may not necessarily clear your debt. All costs incurred will be added to your debt.
  13. You and your agent must not store any items that are deemed a health and safety risk, any kind of animal or fish or insects, any kind of hazardous chemicals, combustibles, inflammable fluids, any item that omits fumes or odours, explosives, weapons, ammunition, asbestos, illegal items, controlled drugs, stolen property, anything that may leak, perishable food, anything that may attract vermin. This list is not exhaustive.
  14. Fridges and freezers must be defrosted and clean. Washing machines must be drained.
  15. You will act appropriately while on the premises and treat staff and other customers with respect and courtesy. Unacceptable behaviour my result in the termination of this agreement.
  16. You may not carry out any work in the units unless agreed in writing by Rocket Storage.
  17. Any damage to units, corridors or any part of the premises must be paid for.
  18. You must leave the units in a clean condition. We will charge you if the unit is left dirty.